Beyond The Sport – Kendo´S Philosophical Wonders And How They Can Change Your Life

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The principles of kendo will change your life at the deepest levels. Read on and find out which are kendo´s benefits besides the martial arts and the Olympic sport.

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Defeating Fear – The Essence Of Kendo

While it is true that the history of Kendo starts as a way to train Samurai with Bamboo swords to avoid them killing each other, the side effect was the creation of a martial art, an Olympic sport and a way of living. The question underneath Kendo´s lifestyle is about fear: what does a Samurai fear when facing another one in battle? Kendo´s answer is that fear is not to the opponent, but fear is internal, fear is within. In order to beat an opponent, to defeat it in battle, a kendo warrior must before defeat his own fear, conquer his own insecurities. For kendo warriors, the battle is already won or lost before starting because the challenge is internalized and is with oneself. Defeating fear is the goal and the basis of kendo and the resulting philosophy is to be a master over your own insecurities.

Mushin, The Final Frontier

Mushin means to conquer the ego; it is a Zen Buddhist term and requires meditation. This is one of the most important bases, along with defeating fear to become a true kendo warrior. Once these two align, what started as a martial art and a sport will become a new way of living, the reconfiguration of our own brains and common beliefs. Mushin, the conquering of the ego is human´s final frontier because; according to Buddhism it is ego which makes us miserable and dependent on others for satisfaction and happiness.

These Concepts In Everyday Life

Living your life through these two very important concepts can literally change the way you see the world. If you have very permeable ego, then you might be trapped in other people´s wills and desires and being happy or miserable depending on others. In the same line, if you are a fearful person, outside threats can define your life making you choose one or other direction not because on your will but based on what you fear the most. Big and small decision-making will be deeply affected by kendo philosophy; the sooner you embrace it, the better.


The impact of kendo philosophy in your everyday life is different depending on the person. Be your own master with kendo; you´ll never look back.

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