Beyond The Sport – Kendo´S Philosophical Wonders And How They Can Change Your Life

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The principles of kendo will change your life at the deepest levels. Read on and find out which are kendo´s benefits besides the martial arts and the Olympic sport. Kiss Me Fuck Me Adult Time newest production called Kiss Me Fuck Me is all about balance in life… and more importantly during intercourse. Watch the perfect making out moments mixed … Read More

5 Must-Follow YouTube Channels For Kendo Lessons

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Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art and a form of fencing fencing that utilises bamboo staves or swords called shinai. Kendo is a comparatively new sport which evolved from the practice of kenjutsu. Another interesting fact about kendo is that kendo competitions have not one, not two but a total of three referees! Usually two out of the three … Read More

What Makes the Modern Japanese Martial Art Different?

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Modern Japanese martial arts are less about killing or winning victories in real fights, than about self-improvement. There was a clear transition between the old martial arts practiced for survival or security by samurai in feudal Japan. The story of this transition can be traced very clearly through the story of kendo. History of Japanese Martial Arts The samurai or … Read More

Reasons Why Kendo Could Be An Olympic Sport

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There has been some debate about whether or not Kendo can be included as an Olympic sport. At the 1964 Summer Games in Japan, Judo was added as an Olympic sport. There was a demonstration of Kendo for the world to see, and international interest was created. But there has been resistance to Kendo becoming an Olympic sport. Most of … Read More