A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of Kendo Training

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When it comes to the Japanese martial arts, Kendo remains one of the foremost in the ranks. If you’re probably thinking what the sport is all about, you are in the right place to learn the basics of kendo training.

What Is Kendo?

Anyone who resides in Japan would probably know what kendo is because of its popularity with people of all ages. It is a martial art from Japan. A player of kendo puts on an armor (bogu) and fights using a bamboo stick (shinai).

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How To Win A Point

When a player hits his opponent in the right place using the shinai, a point is gained. There are four parts of the body to aim at to win a point. These are:

  • Kote (forearm)
  • Men (head)
  • Tsuki (throat)
  • Do (Belly)

Kendo is not like every other sport. It is not all about physical abilities, Kendon techniques and skills to win a point but goes on to manners, politeness and more importantly, the mind. This gives the reason for the common phrase, “Ki Ken Tai Ichi”, which is translated as, “The coordination of the mind, sword, and the body.” It would be surprising to know that a point won’t count even if you hit the opponent at the right place without your mind or body absolutely ready for the hit! Kendo training, concentration and mind training are inseparable.



A Simple Guide For Beginners

First of, learning the basics are the most important aspect of kendo training. It robs on your interest in the future if the basics are not mastered before anything else. You won’t be able to learn new techniques without the basics of kendo training.

These two aspects are important for a beginner’s training:

  1. Tandoku Dosa- Training Alone: The player learns arts such as:
  • Etiquette
  • How to sit
  • How to put the sword back in
  • How to wear your sword
  1. Sohtai Dosa- Training in pairs: The player learns:
  • How to change directions
  • Showmen Uchi
  • Kote Uchi
  • Do Uchi
  • Uchikomi Geiko
  • Kakari Geiko

The first phase of Kendo training encourages a player to train alone to learn the basic skills in the art. Trainees can engage in this for 3 days a week for four months to have a full grasp of the skills needed in the arts.

Training in pairs, three days a week for the next two months with the bogu helps the player to puts to practice all he has learned when training alone.

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