Beyond The Sport – Kendo´S Philosophical Wonders And How They Can Change Your Life

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The principles of kendo will change your life at the deepest levels. Read on and find out which are kendo´s benefits besides the martial arts and the Olympic sport. Kiss Me Fuck Me Adult Time newest production called Kiss Me Fuck Me is all about balance in life… and more importantly during intercourse. Watch the perfect making out moments mixed … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide To The World Of Kendo Training

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When it comes to the Japanese martial arts, Kendo remains one of the foremost in the ranks. If you’re probably thinking what the sport is all about, you are in the right place to learn the basics of kendo training. What Is Kendo? Anyone who resides in Japan would probably know what kendo is because of its popularity with people … Read More

Kendo Tricks That Can Save Your Life In Awkward Situations

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Kendo, or the sword method is a contemporary martial art practice from Japan. While Kendo tricks are easy, they can be difficult to learn. The tricks in Kendo are classified into two parts: Oji waza and Shikake waza. The former means tricks that an individual uses against their opponent to protect themselves. The latter means the tricks which an individual … Read More

Role of Modern Japanese Martial Art “Kendo” in your Day to Day Life

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What is it about Kendo that keeps kenshi going back to it? When the sport is practiced correctly, it offers the thrill of combat without the risk of injury that often accompanies other forms of combative sport. Kenshi doesn’t hold back. The armor offers proper protection and allows combative partners to be fully committed to their strikes. This is why … Read More