5 Must-Follow YouTube Channels For Kendo Lessons

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Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art and a form of fencing fencing that utilises bamboo staves or swords called shinai. Kendo is a comparatively new sport which evolved from the practice of kenjutsu. Another interesting fact about kendo is that kendo competitions have not one, not two but a total of three referees! Usually two out of the three referees have to raise a flag for a point to be awarded to either participant.

Kendo combines martial arts values and practices along with strenuous physical activity. It is a popular form of martial arts that is practiced in Japan and many countries all over the world. Interestingly, Japan had never lost at a Kendo championship up until the year 2006 where it lost to USA with a close margin.

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World Championships And Competitions

The All Japan Kendo Championship is viewed as the most respected Kendo Championship. Even though it is a National Competition only for the Japanese, kendoka all across the world regard the All Japan Kendo Championship as the contest with the greatest levels of competition. These World Kendo Championships are held every three years and they started in the year 1970. These championships are organised by the International Kendo Federation (IKF). Every year, there is a European championship that is conducted. But it is not conducted in those years when there is a world championship taking place.

There are various YouTube channels dedicated to this martial art and here are 5 of those channels that you can follow to learn more about this sport:

1.    Hiro Imafuji

You can get a lot of instructional videos on kendo on The YouTube channel by Kendo-guide.com. So, this is a good channel to follow if you are a beginner. Here you can start to learn kendo with the right information, and you will get ideas and advice to improve your skills as well as deepen your understanding of kendo. This channel also focuses on bodily movement, wisdom, teachings, philosophy and information that is required in kendo and gives you an overall perspective of Kendo. They post 1 video per month.

2.    The Kendo Show

This YouTube channel aims to help people understand and enjoy the practice of kendo across the world. Informative instructional videos are brought to you by Andy Fisher where he discusses the concepts of Kendo, information about equipment and ways to maintain it as well as interviews with other with other Kendoka. This channel posts about 2 videos every month.

3.    Kendo World

Kendo World Publications Ltd. were the publishers of the first Kendo magazine in English and this is a YouTube channel run by them. This channel is created for the English-speaking Kendo community all over the world. They also feature a lot of information about other Japanese martial arts such as iaido, kenjutsu, koryu and naginata. This channel also primarily posts videos of kendo competitions on their channel and the frequency of these videos about 3 videos per month 

4.     EuroKendo

EuroKendo is not just one of the best equipment suppliers for Kendo but it is also the largest community of Kendoists in Europe. This YouTube channel is home to various informative and good quality videos of many Kendo seminars held worldwide as well as the European Kendo Championship and the World Kendo Championship. And they post around 1 video every week

5.    Kendo Federation Of T&T

 The Shoshin Kendo Dojo and The Kendo Federation of T & T started in 2004. It was initiated by Eddy Devisse (5th Dan Kendo) who is the instructor of the dojo. He also coaches the national T&T Kendo team. You can subscribe to this YouTube channel to watch kendo videos as well as you can follow Eddy Devisse on various social medial platforms. The frequency of posting videos on this YouTube channel is one video every month

You can visit these YouTube channels for interesting content related to Kendo and you can also subscribe to the same, depending on what you like. This way you can stay up to date with the new videos and content that is posted.

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