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Welcome. We are a Kendo Association that wants to spread the word about this excellent Japanese martial art and sport that is growing in popularity around the world, among men and women. But there are still people who are unaware of the many wonderful aspects of kendo.

There is also a lot of discipline involved. This is why kendo is able to offer so many mental and physical benefits to people who practice it religiously for years.

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Kendo Videos

Final match between Kiwada (White, Osaka) and Uchimura (Red, Tokyo)

Annual shiai (competition) where all the local doctors get together and compete

Benefits of Kendo

  • Physical benefits: Kendo is a sport that makes demands of the body. You must learn how to wield a shinai and a bogu when you spar. You must get used to the weight of the bogu, and this is only possible through training. There are few other sports in which the entire body is engaged all at once, like it is in kendo. 
  • Mental benefits: Kendo is known for its mental benefits. But as with any martial art, to get the maximum out of your training, you must be focused. Here it is proper to pull out the old cliche, practice makes perfect. Only with rigorous, focused practice will you be able to achieve the perfect Ippon.
  • Full Spirit”: Another benefit of the training of Kendo is the ability to act with a “full spirit” even when the odds are against you. This means keeping your full concentration and enthusiasm no matter the situation.

Basics - Bamboo Sword

All the hitting and cutting techniques in kendo are based on one downward cut that has proved to be most effective in battle. In this simple form, the shinai is held with both hands, followed by movement, a strike and the kiai or warcry. In the most amazing examples from tournaments in Japan, these three steps are carried out in a flash, with flying shinai and fluid, sweeping motion. The movement usually starts in the lower abdomen, and is carried to the upper body towards the wrists and elbows that will do the striking. This movement will also drive the kendoka to his target in the same fluid movement. Here lies part of the beauty of the form of kendo.